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Subtle and clear guide to becoming a TikTok star

We’ve talked to Hypetrain social media producer Sergey Markelov about ALL (and we want to emphasize this fact) key algorithms of TikTok.

Subtle and clear guide to becoming a TikTok star

Here is the list of the things you should know to make TikTok work for you.

1) Picky and resonant nickname choice

This is the first and the largest step. While choosing your virtual name, you have to remember that over time, if your account becomes more popular – and we sincerely wish this for you – it will be perceived as a nickname, not your real name.

For example, your moniker might be a reflection of what will be in the videos you make, or you can just create something memorable.

The ideal choice for a nickname is one word; simplicity is the key to success.

2) Profile design


Option 1: describe the type of content you will produce

Option 2: interact with the audience up front – ask a viewer to help promote your account

You can also add links to your other social networks; people often gain subscribers on YouTube and Instagram using this tip.

Subtle and clear guide to becoming a TikTok star

3)  Aesthetics:

Think of the colors in which you’re going to shoot, the light, and your image. Briefly, make a brand book for your profile in advance.

In general, what are the basics of light? The quality of the picture depends on the light, of course. It’s cool to shoot, as all western bloggers do now. They have a staff operator who works with a good camera, and the picture is significantly different from the picture on the iPhone, for example.

But with good lighting, even a phone will provide a cool picture.

If you have no budget for professional equipment such as lamps, at least choose a good angle when shooting.

Speaking of the cover of your TikToks – it’s pretty obvious: just find an eye-catching moment in the video.

4) Style choice

If you are not an expert, then you should select some sort of character for yourself. Distinguishing yourself from other bloggers is the simplest way to do this. Do something that 90% of people will never do, like dye your hair red.

There is one way that works well, but it is not for everyone – you can act weird or be a clout chaser, as a negative reputation is smth that can define you from others.

Be careful when choosing trends! Follow them but do not copy everything; try to add something unique. The longer a trend lasts, the more variations of TikToks exist, and the harder it is to make something fascinating.

Trends begin with some challenges or a particular sound that everyone starts to use in their videos, or it’s some kind of script defined for a certain sound, and everyone starts to perform it. If you find a trend or see that it starts to force very well, you are halfway to success. While the trend is not yet boring, you have time to use it for your profit.

Subtle and clear guide to becoming a TikTok star

It is very important to always monitor what others create, follow popular bloggers who make all the trending videos, and analyze what they are doing. Your task is to make it more creative and interesting. You can, as it were, go down the path of copying others and even get your 15 minutes of fame, but you will get a bigger response from the audience and a bigger amount of followers if you wrap a trend in your own cover.

Please pay attention when choosing topics and music for your videos!

TikTok is a pretty democratic social media, but at the same time, it tries to be fair. This seems to be one of the reasons why it is so popular and trusted.

The platform bans accounts that share homophobic, sexual, and hateful content.

This is how licensed music works: in different countries, the license for music can be completely different. In Poland, for example, some songs are licensed, but in France, they are not. To avoid risks, upload tracks from the TikTok library; this will minimize the chances of being banned for a copyright violation.

Subtle and clear guide to becoming a TikTok star

5) Hashtags

Popular bloggers do not use these; they already have their own audience, and adding hashtags may reduce it.

But for beginners, using them is crucial, because this is the way TikTok understands what kind of content you have and who to show it to.

6) What country to post from?

Let’s look at an example: if you want your account to be a commercial one, and the American audience is important to you, it is very important to make content for an English-speaking audience and, ideally, you need to post it in the States.

Because TikTok is very smart, it can determine which SIM card you have and where you are.

It is not recommended to use any tricks with the help of a VPN, Proxy, as the platform can cut it all, and you will be “marked” by it as a cheater who is trying to play against the rules, and cut you off.

So if you want your profile to be seen in America, and you are not there physically, find someone there, or at least in Europe, who can do it for you.

Subtle and clear guide to becoming a TikTok star

7) Number of videos per month

Let’s say two people create accounts at the same time, and one gets 1 million views from the very start. This, on the one hand, will be good. On the other hand, not really, because if the first video immediately hits such a number, your account is not ready for a big audience like that.

They will check your account, and if there is no content there and it is not prepared for the audience, for a huge influx of people,  people will leave and you will have a very small percentage of people left.

If you just register on TikTok and want to use it permanently, you need to be “ready” from the beginning videos, so shoot some videos and post them in advance. In this situation, when your first video spreads very fast, post the second one, and then follow up with the third one so that people can see that the content is being uploaded, and then there are chances that more audience will stay with you.

Post at least three videos per week. The ideal way is to publish one video every day.

8) More interesting facts to pay attention to:

  • 97% of all your viewers on each new video are new ones; these are not your subscribers

  • To make your profile visible to your audience, you need to trigger them to use notifications, like pressing a bell on YouTube, when your content comes out. This really works, and subscribers will see the videos after you publish them

  • Use the English language for your content: description, text, hashtags

–  If TikTok were a person, it might think: “Oh, it’s cool, they don’t say anything here; I           can show it to everyone.”

– The ideal content is made without words, so it is clear to everyone.

– You can just show something in the video with actions, and the person will understand the entire idea.

As you may see, TikTok is a much better way to get your 15 minutes of glory than Instagram or YouTube.
This is certainly not going to happen with a wave of wands, but following the guide may be the key to your career as an influencer.

so look forward to the interview with Sergey

We’ve finished with the instructions, but not with the TikTok topic, so look forward to the interview with Sergey in which he will reveal some secrets that help to make our company’s TikTok so popular (we have over 530K followers).


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