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How to collaborate on TikTok

TikTok currently brings together the latest social media trends: short video content, viral content, young audiences and, of course, creativity!

How to collaborate on TikTok

How to collaborate on TikTok

In general, the platform has even prepared a special guide on this topic. It focuses on creative content and creators. If you decide to start working with TikTokers and promote your brand through the platform, one of the main tips is to create adapted content for it and collaborate with influencers who are already active on TikTok. According to TikTok, this is one of the basic secrets of success, which will increase the effectiveness of brand promotion.

Actually, the search for TikTokers and access to their analytics is what distinguishes the platform from other social networks. TikTok Creator Marketplace allows you to find influencers for cooperation, send them your offers and analyze the results of the work done. By the way, these are services YouTube or Instagram do not offer and those we may offer at Hypetrain.

Well, back to TikTok. The Creator Marketplace also gives information about successful collaborations so that brands can evaluate the effectiveness of promotion on this social network. Here is one example of collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics: for just 4.5 minutes of the author’s content, there are over 3,500 hours viewed and 1.4M impressions.

These are very cool performance indicators based on the example of one collaboration. The fact is that TikTok videos are always charged with viral potential and can generate tens of millions of views in a matter of hours. And for this to happen, two conditions need to be met.

The first is that the brand’s products would match the interests of the TikTok audience. The second condition is to find and negotiate with the influencer who will promote your products most effectively. If the solution to the second condition can help professional marketers, the first depends on the brand entirely. It will probably not be very effective if, for example, developers who are engaged in the construction of luxury housing use TikTok for advertising. Well, it is unlikely that young people under 25 will be interested in buying real estate. But everything related to technology and, in the broader sense, any new solutions in the IT field is a green light for brands. TikTok is the perfect place to go with any offers, and that one is not an exception.

Hashtag research is another quick and easy life hack to find influencers. It may take a while, but perhaps the easiest option is just to write down your company or product name. You can also brainstorm, make up a semantic cloud of tags and look for influencers with their help. This is just one of the options; in fact, there are a huge number of ways to search – from someone’s advice to pure chance. At the same time, it is important to remember that the final decision on cooperation must be made on the basis of data analysis and an influencer’s previous projects.

How to collaborate with brands as an influencer

In that case, everything is more complicated than in the previous section, and here is why. The fact is that if not everything, then at least a lot depends on the influencer and their team. Brands that want to be promoted on TikTok are less interested in what the influencers are talking about, compared to YouTube, for example. They come to TikTok for the audience’s attention.

That means the main task of the influencer is to increase the audience base organically without cheating and buying fake followers. How do you make this happen faster? Everyone will probably have their own secrets. The most important thing is to take part in challenges, which will give you the opportunity to increase your views quickly. Use trending music and catch-all social media trends in general. Stop being lazy and make live broadcasts regularly, communicate with your audience, and get to know your subscribers. And probably the best advice, though it may seem trivial, is authenticity.

TikTok has hundreds of millions of active users. And each of them, by the way, is also an influencer and also creates content. It’s a difficult task to stand out from hundreds of millions. However, it is enough to answer the question: What are you doing and for whom? Specification isn’t a bad thing anymore. If, over time, you come up with some of your original approaches to the audience and create valuable and in-demand content, then the audience will begin to grow, and brands will follow the growth of the audience. Yes, sequence matters here.

In the end, there are also some important facts about TikTok that statista.com analysts have collected. This data helps to understand why TikTok is not just entertainment for teenagers but a serious marketing tool that can boost any business.

How many TikTok users are there?

In July 2021, TikTok reached the milestone of three billion downloads worldwide, despite being banned in India the previous year, losing a considerably large audience. While TikTok app downloads slowed down during the first half of 2021, the popular video app still ranks as one of the leading apps in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store worldwide. User figures have soared and continuously increased on both Android devices and iOS devices, reaching over 30 million and 120 million monthly active users in January 2022 on the respective platforms.

TikTok users & creators

But who are the millions of users flocking to TikTok and spending over 824 million US dollars on the short video app? As of January 2022, the United States and Indonesia had the largest TikTok audiences with 131 million and over 92 million users engaging with the popular social video platform, respectively. At the beginning of 2022, Ireland and the Nordics experienced an increase in TikTok downloads in the Google Play Store, while iOS devices saw an increase in downloads in Latin America and Nigeria.

As of January 2022, 25 percent of TikTok users were women between 18 and 24, while men in the same age group accounted for around 18 percent of the platform’s user base. As of August 2021, most content creators on TikTok were between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, a factor that contributes to the platform being popular among Millennial and Gen Z users. In 2021, 25 percent of TikTok users in the United States were teenagers or even younger, a generation of heavy smartphone users constantly in touch with trending content.

Do you find this text useful for your bussiness or influencer’s career? Try this one (it’s about YouTube algorythms, and it’s pretty cool to have a look at).

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