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How the country affects the way Bloggers and Brands advertise

Brands are not new at working with bloggers. At least once each company gave it a try to promote its products in this way. Still, a great deal of effort and funding may face little payoff. The thing is that even though social networking is accessible all over the world, the content for successful

How the country affects the way Bloggers and Brands advertise

In the article, we provide a case study for H&M to track down distinctive features of advertising posts given in the area of the blogger’s residence. Each post includes #hm, and #hmxme hashtag as well as a link to the H&M website.

Paxton Fielies (@paxtonfielies_)

Without a doubt, Paxton Fielies, better known mononymously as “Paxton”, is the face of the brand in South Africa. She is a singer, songwriter and philanthropist all rolled into one, who rose to fame in 2017, after winning the 13th season of Idols South Africa with the title of the youngest South African female person to come out on the top in the competition.

Her career path is in complete sync with the concept of the latest H&M collection in partnership with ’90s skate and streetwear label No Fear, as well as a New York-based all-female skate crew from the HBO show Betty, called The Skate Kitchen. The message of this collaboration is to look fear in the eye and not let it stand in the way of your dreams.

The message itself finds a broad response among female brand believers and resonates with principles of African feminism that addresses the conditions and needs of continental African women.

Chella Man (@chellaman)

The American activist, artist, and actor made a promo for the H&M Pride campaign, “Beyond the Rainbow” on June 1, 2021. The interactive campaign shows H&M’s continued support of the LGBTQIA+ community, telling individual stories from the campaign’s stars and encouraging people to share their own through a newly developed web app. The blogger is pooling his experiences as a transgender, deaf, genderqueer, and Jewish person of color, so the choice of a poster face seems to be a smash hit.

Khavilova Anna (@ainsuph) and @olovessuuu

H&M’s collection of knitted wool blend clothing caught the eye of Russian fashion blogger and A.GENCY creative director Anna Khavilova. The collaboration itself is not something seen on a regular basis. Yet, having been uploaded squarely in the middle of autumn, a post with a cozy outlook drove a number of warm customers to warm up for the season.

In the same period, another fashion blogger @olovessuuu advertised stuff from the brand’s summer collection and was rather successful in inspiring French audiences with her red printed baby-doll dress.

So, different weather patterns of the regions as such made for a product choice.

Chang Ching Yin (@peace0426), Yuki (@chiayuyuui), Keith Kong (@kiiisu), Cosh Su (@cos55555)

Keith Kong is a co-founder of Edition One art Consulting LTD, which specializes in art, fashion, and beauty projects. He is a photographer and model, who has advertised heavily @HM x Giambattista Valli collaboration in China. Another luxury collaboration of @HM x Simone Rocha is propelled by Cosh Su (@cos55555). As a BCG и Altagamma insight study shows China is supposed to be the main driving force of the global luxury market. Therefore, even in a mass market, items from a limited collection are paid more heed.

Exclusive offers and limited collections are not the only options that managed to appeal to an extremely oversaturated Asian market. The words anime, manga, and cosplay have entered our vocabulary thanks to the development of Japanese animation, which in the modern world is perceived as part of the entire Asian culture. Asian consumers as such have a thing for cartoonish, slightly childish models. That is why the brand’s products from the @HM x Disney Toy Story and @HM x Simpson series advertised by Chang Ching Yin (@ peace0426) and Yuki (@chiayuyuui) respectively came to the front.

Aaliyah JM (

A lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger, Aaliyah lives in the UK. Technically, one could talk about promoting the product in the European market. Nevertheless, she markets herself as a modern Muslim woman. So there is no surprise the blogger is followed by a huge number of representatives of the Islamic world who want to buy not just beautiful and fashionable things with recognizable logos, but products that correspond to their beliefs. The main idea of such an advertising collaboration is to show how to wear a hijab stylishly and match it with the brand’s clothing. Obviously, she is not available for all the products in the line and only advertises selectively.

What are the differences in advertising for a particular region?

The Bottom Line

All advertising interactions should be consistent with the company's mission and values. The main idea is to take advantage of the points relevant for a specific region, as well as to blur those that are hindering promotion. The bloggers themselves mean a lot for the final result. The brand should hire a skillful one with an appropriate target audience and the ability to advertise without causing any negativity.We hope you’ve enjoyed our study case. We are amped to immerse you in any topic you’d like us to go for. If there is another relevant area to examine, feel free to share.

Collaborations between brands and beauty bloggers

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