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Successful integrations between brands and beauty bloggers

Today, the beauty industry chooses influencers over supermodels because social media and bloggers have become the new glossy magazines. Employing influencers plays into a brands’ hands because they share and spread the word.

Successful integrations between brands and beauty bloggers

Beauty is second only to gaming as the most viewed topic on YouTube. Instagram literally preaches image, beauty and self-expression. Beauty influencers make it easy to sell things from brands they collaborate with to their audience. Engaging influencers is a cost-effective way to build a business, boost awareness and break into new markets. And for a partnership to truly work, it has to be a win-win for all players in the game. The average return on investment for influencer marketing campaigns is over six times the initial investment.

Items to sell might be as simple as sunscreen, but it can also include a wide range of things you never thought of before the ad: health and beauty devices, masks for legs, green lipstick, body shimmer and armpit hair dye.

So let’s discover how bloggers make it work, and look at some collaborations of brands and beauty influencers.

Kiko Milano & Tess Masazza

Tess Masazza, a French and Italian actress, takes you to the old Italian cinema in her integration with Kiko Milano. A handful of influencers, including Tess, recreated their favorite classic diva looks using Kiko Milano’s Dolce Diva collection. But what is special about this particular collab is Tess’ ability to bring the story to life. She can easily grab your attention and use her creativity to take you on a day of an Italian Diva’s life. The attention is not centered around the beauty products but rather on how they capture the feeling of being a young starlet in the countryside.

ColourPop Cosmetics & Julian Burzynski

Julian is an unconventional partner. Not so long ago, we’ve seen beauty brands gain success by leveraging unique influencers outside the traditional beauty and skincare sphere. This matches with ColourPop Cosmetics, and for their turn, ColourPop perfectly matches with Julian Burzynski. They partnered for the launch of The Powerpuff Girls X ColourPop collection. This time, Julian went far beyond his ordinary videos. Popular for comedic lip sync videos of famous TV and movie performances, Burzynski instead reenacts the far-famed intro of The Powerpuff Girls! It was a fun and ingenious touch for his audience to get to know the cosmetics and discover their bold colors! What sums up this integration perfectly? ColourPop’s comment under Julian’s video – “you just conquered the internet.”

Rare Beauty & Alessandro

What is cool here is great social listening. Rare Beauty makes every blogger marketer’s dream come true. They are superb about identifying and collaborating with someone who makes great organic content with high involvement. Meet Alessandro, who created an amusing call-out video parody that blew up the engagement charts in the first days of May. Right after Alessandro announced that the company sent him some Rare Beauty products to try as a gift! Excellent strategy, where everybody wins. Cherish organic love for the brand, and help raise a diverse audience with an influencer who is an upcoming figure in the community of beauty.

Anastasia Beverly Hills & Mikayla Nogueira

Honesty is the best policy. The highlight of this collab is honest reviews. Now we can see a new format for launches of products, as beauty brands become familiar and more comfortable with TikTok. The recipe includes: the product itself, a topic (riddles, song, challenge, dance, etc.), specially written music and a branded hashtag. Even though Anastasia Beverly Hills mixed all of these ingredients for the launch of their new Magic Touch concealer, it is the brand’s collaboration with Mikayla that is really prominent. Mikayla makes a profound review of the new concealer’s “incredible” coverage in TikTok. Her subscribers can observe all technical characteristics of the new concealer, estimate the coverage it offers, how it applies and how it works with other products. The audience gets a chance to have a virtual try-on experience together with Mikayla. And more, they can hear her genuine, positive thoughts about the product from top to bottom. This product launch partnership with Mikayla gained more engagements than any other.

Chanel Beauty & Ava

We’ve missed you, in-store shopping! Chanel decided to make a celebration and called beauty bloggers to visit their New York store to receive gifts and a makeover. Chanel invited Ava, and in return, she made a video of her walking through the store. This video earned about nine times more engagement than the ordinary unboxing video she posted the next day, all because Ava showed herself getting pampered with a natural beauty makeover in the Chanel store! It is an interactive and fresh way to promote your company and get your audience engaged – through indulging and honest experiences of beauty influencers.

This is obviously one perfect partnership. A match made in heaven in the world of influencer collaborations is: a beauty blogger who actually uses your brand’s products, dreams about your brand image and values it. Making a little effort to find influencers who are really fond of your brand and support it pays off millions. Ava’s adoration is notable and contagious when she shows that she got an invitation from Chanel – her “dream brand.” After all, influencer marketing stands on building relationships, and the most sincere and strongest ones keep a foundation of honesty, excitement and shared values.

As we see, quality content and priceless storytelling – things that make integrations work, lead to high engagement. While social commerce continues to grow, brands must understand that social media is so much more than selling platforms. Brands that effectively use these channels are doing so in a way that allows for interaction and co-creation in the beauty, health and wellness space. Building a forum among followers allows for much greater buy-in for brands.

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