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Successful campaigns with fashion bloggers

Influencer marketing has become a major part of many brands’ marketing strategies, and the fashion and beauty industries are not an exception. It is exactly the opposite!

Successful campaigns with fashion bloggers

The influencing power of bloggers lies in their engagement with followers. They trigger conversations and are credible because they are “one of us.” They aren’t celebrities, but the girl or boy-next-door types, ones to trust.

A good fashion blogger also adds value and expertise because they discover, evaluate, compare and introduce products to a wider audience.

Wanna see successful collaborations with bloggers? We’ve made a list for you.

Why these examples? There is only one reason – we’ve tried to find someone whom you might never hear about, someone with not a million followers to show that collaborations with smaller influencers are effective and cool.

Amy Bell

Popular fashion and travel blogger from Scotland.

She has had collaborations with the likes of Stradivarius, Rhodes, Converse, Birkenstock, Asos, and much more, inspired by whatever mood strikes on any given day. Her blog is a collection of “outfit-of-the-day” posts, which really inspires people to buy “something”.

Megan Allaby

A blogger from Manchester who promotes brands in a very honest, natural, and trustful way. She tells touching, absolutely reliable stories and “incidentally” brings some brand names, such as in the picture description below.

Catherine Summers

She is 50, and she is British.

Catherine shows that after 40, life does not start or go in another direction; it just goes. She has various posts on ideas of what to wear and how. One of them is simply called “What to wear to the office post-pandemic.”

She has collaborated with Karren Millen, Mark & Spencer, Dune, and more.

DISCLOSURE: Items marked* are PR products (I never accept anything I wouldn’t choose for myself), and my opinions are 100% honest. I also use affiliate links where I may earn a commission if you click through and buy, at no cost to you. Catherine

We really appreciate the honesty!

Marco Taddei

It might sound too stereotypical and wrong, but Marco looks pretty much like an Italian guy – handsome, stylish, and with perfect taste.

Maybe it’s not just us who thinks this way because he has integrated with many different fashion brands, starting with local Franceschetti and Sodano and coming soon with Vacheron Constantin.

Leo Mandella

Leo is from Warwickshire, England. He has an Instagram following of over 700k followers and an engagement rate of 9.27%. His audience is gender-balanced, with 49% males and 51% females.

Leo has collaborated with Coach, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Of course, there have never been posts like “Gucci is the best! Buy all their items!”

We’re saying “of course” because probably anyone knows that it is not smart to cry out about any products you want to sell.

The simpler and the more natural the integration between a blogger and a brand, the more successful results you get.

To make a collaboration with anyone, you should first establish trust.

If we talk about influencer marketing, it works the same way. The more you like, appreciate, accept and trust a blogger, the better for everyone. The influencer with whom you plan to work with should be the one you would buy something from, or, at least, consider their opinion important. It is also crucial to find a person who will share your company values and vision. In that case integrations will be more natural and collaboration with bloggers more satisfying.

It's not easy to find an influencer, but our Hypetrain algorithm works in “mysterious” ways, so that you can find a relevant blogger in a few clicks.

It does sound like advertising, and this is advertising. See? Honesty is something we all need :)

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