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10 Instagram eco-warriors that rock the boat

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your impact on the planet, sustainability influencers are a great dose of inspiration.

10 Instagram eco-warriors that rock the boat

The phenomenon of Greta Thunberg, a brave eco-activist in a yellow coat, stirred up the public five years ago. Her struggle highlighted the urgent need to pay more attention to environmental issues and conscious consumption.

Today, the zero-waste philosophy has gone viral, and for a good reason. Everyone already knows that paper coffee cups are not paper at all, while plastic straws and bags are a true disaster for ocean’s inhabitants. We’ve gathered a list of ten Instagram blogs that provide an insightful outlook on sustainability and fuel your green journey toward global good.

The Zero Waste Guide

Searching for daily tips on a greener lifestyle? The Zero Waste Guide is a nice place to start. Across their content, you can find valuable tips, DIYs, and lifehacks, from making vinegar from old oranges to handy apps for reducing food waste. It’s never too late to learn something new, right?

Waste Free Planet

This is another cozy blog about sustainability with inspiring ideas and checklists on considerate beauty, home, veggie recipes and more. You’ll learn how to make eco-printed flower socks, pack a plastic-free lunch box, create a more sustainable wardrobe and cook a mind-blowing vegan pecan pie. They also have a digital magazine (find the link in their bio) that will encourage you to make even more sustainable life choices.

Going Zero Waste

Created by Kathryn Kellogg, this blog delivers the idea that every green step counts (even if it’s a baby step). Kathryn shares beautiful reels with simple yet actionable hacks on making a meaningful difference in the world by introducing eco-habits into your daily routine. She also has a free course on sustainability for those who want to dig deeper. Believe us, this optimistic girl with a radiant smile won’t leave you indifferent!

Zero Waste Home

This is the blog of Bea Johnson, a motivational TEDx Talks speaker and author of the “Zero Waste Home” book translated into 27 languages. Based in California, Bea promotes the philosophy of minimalism and zero-waste initiatives. Her blog is a gold mine of guidelines that inspire self-reflection and a willingness to change. From kitchen appliances to homemade glue and natural soap, there’s no chance you won’t find something interesting.

The Green Living Guy

This man’s track record n can only be envied and admired. Seth Lietman is a green guru, coach, author and blogger. In other words, Seth is a great surge of motivation for people who want to switch to more eco-friendly alternatives. He shares regular updates and podcasts on green energy, electric cars and sustainable living.

Rob Greenfield

Can you imagine a 21st-century person who grows 100% of their food? Yeap, that’s right, without going to groceries or restaurants. Even without taking a drink at a bar! Rob Greenfield is an incredible person who puts his soul into the desire to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. He’s the author of the book, “Food Freedom,” where Rob documents his experiments, shares green insights and acts as a cool role model for the community.

Life Without Plastic

Looking for an online destination for non-plastic aesthetics? Welcome to Life Without Plastic. This blog is a comprehensive guidebook on reducing plastic in your life and replacing it with lovely organic alternatives. Plus, they have many eye-opening facts about plastics’ devastating impact on the environment. Valuable food for thought, huh?

My Plastic Free Home

A sustainability enthusiast, Kate, helps to bring mindfulness into your daily life through aesthetically beautiful pics and reels. Her Instagram is full of inspo on decorating the home, cooking healthy snacks and finding extraordinary ways to use common things.

We promise you’ll be mesmerized by her light and minimalistic visuals.

Sustainably Vegan

Despite the straightforward title, this blog is not all about vegan recipes. Immy Lucas advocates the concept of sustainability in all aspects of her life, including wedding preparation, beauty routine, traveling and more. Immy shares a realistic view and proves that you don’t have to put in extra effort or sacrifice your comfort to save the planet.

Rocket Science

The unusual Instagram name speaks for itself – Anita Vandyke is a true rocket scientist, a mom and bestselling author of “A Zero Waste Life” book. You’ll definitely fall in love at first sight with her vibrant blog, as she shares not only zero-waste hacks but also parenting tips and slow-living principles.

We hope our selection has sparked your interest in diving more into the philosophy of low-impact living.

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