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Successful integrations between brands and funny bloggers

This text is about influencers whose sense of humor helps them become even more popular and noticeable.

Successful integrations between brands and funny bloggers

We’re regularly selecting bloggers who have collaborated successfully with brands. For example, here you can see cool integrations with influencers creating content about food. And this article is about beauty bloggers’ advertising campaigns that were meaningful both for brands and their ambassadors. This text is about influencers whose sense of humor helps them become even more popular and noticeable.


8.1 M Followers

In 2019, after a few successful solo protests with cardboard signs ( in the streets of New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, Seth Phillips and Elliot Tebele realized this activity needed a specific account. Within four months, the account grew to more than four million followers.

So, what are these manifestations about? First, life. The signs often tell the simple truth people forget or don’t even think about. And most of the time, some things annoy us and those we do not always have the boldness to say.

These are collaborations (not all of them) Seth has had:

  • with the NFT ecosystem for culture and creativity built efficiently with Ethereum

  • with Warner Brothers

  • Charmin toilet paper, and this is awesome. Check it out.

There was also a social one with the White House

And in this case, it’s charming how honestly “dude” speaks about his collaboration with Bud Light https://www.instagram.com/p/CLAzYCjF_RF/. “Thanks, @budlight Seltzer Lemonade, for the tickets and the seltzer.” #ObviouslySponsored

Celeste Barber

9.1 M Followers

Celeste is an Australian comedian, a mother of four and a media personality.

She has become famous worldwide because of her Instagram #celestechallengeaccepted jokes. She dared to do what many of us have dreamed about: satirize the luxurious life of the rich and staged poses of famous personas.

It hasn’t always been about satire but spreading the message that women do not have to be perfect to be beautiful, interesting or sexy.

The blogger laughs at the conventional beauty standards and glamorous lifestyle broadcasted on social media, not at the celebrities themselves.

When parodying another “star,” she makes a caricature of what she considers a “normal” woman, appearing on social media falling from high heels, wearing a bathing suit two sizes below appropriate, spilling a daiquiri before 10 a.m., and seating beside an empty swimming pool.No wonder numerous brands want to collab with such an extraordinary person—like lingerie brand “Bras N Things”, for example. Celeste also takes part in socially-valuable initiatives like ovarian cancer awareness events:

“Our first run of these amazing shirts SOLD OUT, (the first time in the history of the campaign) so make sure you pre-order a White Shirt from @witcheryfashion designed by @toni_maticevski today, and 100% of gross proceeds will be donated to the @ocrf to help find an early detection test for ovarian cancer #WHITESHIRTCAMPAIGN.”This campaign with activist Turia Pitt, which is a make-up tutorial using MCoBeauty cosmetics, is also worth seeing.

Gary Janetti


Gary Janetti is an American television writer and producer. One of his most well-known works is screenwriting for Family Guy.

Janetti’s first solo nonfiction book, Do You Mind If I Cancel? (Things That Still Annoy Me), was published in October 2019 and became a New York Times Best Seller.

This is an Instagram account that garners laughs from its followers. Except for sarcastic quotes about life, there is another topic covered – the Royals.

In the spotlight there is George of Cambridge and the child’s imagined, and often catty, response to various photos and news stories about members of the British royal family.

Probably the best cooperation not only Janetti but many people would dream about is working together with HBO Max. The satire-animated sitcom version of Prince George called The Prince had one season and then was canceled, but nevertheless, 12 episodes are totally worth binging. In case you are a fan of Orlando Bloom, he plays Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in the series.

Angelica Hicks


One of our colleagues has been obsessed with this young woman for four years and made us put her on the list. We didn’t mind, obviously, because Angelika is one of a kind. She is 29 and from London but currently lives in NY. Being an artist with love for fashion and a thirst for justice, she is taking social media by storm with her witty visual puns.

Just look:

After years of cosplaying outfits from culture and ready-to-wear collections of various brands, she has received offers from  Vogue and Net-a-Porter and was featured in the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar US, and Vogue UK.

Recently, a collaboration between Gucci and Angelika was announced, probably leading to the blogger’s audience growth and her recognition in the artistic world.

“Part of my capsule collection with Gucci consisted of two murals; one in New York and one in Milan. They also transformed another drawing into a mural at their Gucci ArtLab in Florence” .

Jonothon Lyons

113K followers (3.5M TikTok)

Jonothon Lyons, also known as Buddy the Rat, is an interdisciplinary theatre artist living in New York City. He has worked as a performer in masks, puppetry and physical theater.

As the pandemic shut down theatres, he went to the streets and subway to find his audience.

Seriously, check this guy’s profile. After a minute, you might forget he is not really a rat!

Jonothon’s performances are not only about amusement and shock; they also have a noble aim—to pay attention to the litter problem:

With gaining popularity on Insta, the amount of “Buddy” followers will grow and the integrations between him and business.

For now, we’d like to mention his collaboration with Natalie Mercedes Negrotti, fashion and lifestyle influencer. And check out the one with fitness blogger Deniz Saypinar, which at first sight seems to be an advertisement for Deniz’s training courses. But then the focus changes, and we get a Liquid Death water brand promotion 🙂

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