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PR packages as a way to brand success

How do you find a book or a film to watch on a weekend afternoon? No judging if you watch videos because, as you know, people forget what a printed thing is. We agree, sometimes, TikTok is a much better choice.

PR packages as a way to brand success

People fancy reading or watching stuff advertised by who they know, like and respect. In many cases, those people are influencers. So, when Natalie Portman or Jimmy Fallon say they love a book, many of their followers will buy it.

So we made this article to show you successful ways to promote your film, video, book or magazine with an influencer’s help. If you are not a publisher or film producer, keep reading; the examples mentioned below are still useful for different companies.

What is a PR package?

A PR package is a carefully selected box filled with branded products sent to influencers to unbox and use on social media and share with their audience. The content creator is not obligated to use or show the product because a contract has not been established between the influencers and the company in this situation. A PR package allows influencers to provide authentic product reviews, increasing the brand’s awareness and sales.

This trend organically promotes a brand because content creators are not obligated to publish, it is their free will, and followers realize that. So the audience might get curious if a favorite blogger shows some stuff and is excited about it. Even though this trend is over two years old, many companies continue to benefit from this strategy. So should you!

How do you choose the right influencer for this type of promotion? First, let’s see it in use with the examples below.


Holly, a girl from the UK, is an LGBTQ+ supporter, known online for her devotion to books that runs so deep that it seems to be an addiction. She first appeared on social media in 2019 with no more than 60 followers. Holly now has almost 40,000 of them. Her followers expect her to suggest books, and that’s what she does. One video shows her receiving the book You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi. This unpackaging video has more than 1,200 likes, which grows daily.

So, what do we see here? First, we see that choosing the influencer who shares your brand’s interests and values is important. That should be tip #1, regardless of your idea for collaborating with creators.

Romney Ellen

Romney is not the most well-known star, and she doesn’t take much pride in popularity. Regardless, she has made a promotion for Netflix’s upcoming movie “Persuasion.” There isn’t a better candidate for promoting that movie than she because she is just as elegant, light and feminine as the main character. Her followers loved the resemblance, and the video got 5,000 likes within hours.

Tip #2: For better promotion, use Tip #1 AND don’t spend money and effort on macro influencers. Often, creators with fewer followers have a more loyal audience.


This influencer, also known as Summer the Potterhead, is a real devotee of witches and wizards. She is a girl with an irresistible craze for magical stuff and Harry Potter’s universe. Throughout her time spent maintaining her wizardry blog, companies sent dozens of magical trifles that filled every corner of her living space. That obsession drew the attention of Warner Bros. and the movie “Fantastic Beasts.” Warner Bros. sent a whole Newt Scamander briefcase box before it showed their film in theaters. The video, let’s face it, wasn’t a huge success; it only managed to get 21 likes and about 300 views on her YouTube. However, Warner Bros considered it a success because it grabbed the attention of Summer’s loyal fan base.

If Summer posted this on TikTok (which probably was Warner Bros.’ plan), there would have been at least 4,000 views.

Tip #3: Remember, influencers have the right not to unpack what you send them or show it on the social media you expect. In these cases, we recommend sending you packages to as many influencers as possible.

Gaby Meza con Z

This creator calls herself a cinephile, and there is no wonder companies connected to the film industry would choose her as an influencer– a mega-influencer unboxing their package in front of her huge audience, who wouldn’t? Here, Warner Bros. succeeded more than in the case of Summer mentioned above.

Tip #4: Choose someone active, friendly, talkative and funny.

Even without understanding Spanish, it is obvious she perfectly unpacks the box.

Areej Usman

On Areej’s blog, you can find out about fashion, her lifestyle, food and more. She tries to motivate people to see the beauty within themselves. Based on that, the Dare to be You author chose her to promote their book. The book focuses on readers making positive changes in their lives. It’s a self-help book that focuses on mental health. This is a good match since the book focuses on readers making positive changes in their lives. Ultimately, the post received 44 likes, but compared to the two to ten likes the official book page has, it doesn’t seem too bad.

Tip #5: Don’t forget to develop your brand/product social network profile when working with bloggers. It looks pathetic when there are 7K subscribers and only ten likes. In these cases, there would be no trust in the relationship between the blogger who unpacks your gifts and you.

Heart Defensor

Heart’s style of making videos has stayed untouched for a long time, and if you have ever opened a TikTok, you couldn’t have missed seeing her videos there. Heart Defensor is a content creator who is the biggest fan of unboxing. Just to get an idea – she is so successful that she was invited to celebrities’ events, such as Hailey Biber’s presentation of Rhode cosmetics.

Heart’s videos are full of softness, dreaminess and calmness, so the products she promotes mirror these feelings. This must have been why “Emily in Paris” focused on her. She received a lovely, big rounded package filled with the film’s elegant and romantic spirit. So it’s no surprise that the videos gathered more than 450K likes.

Tip #6: What is more important than choosing the right influencer? It’s making a nice package. Please, don’t put useless stuff inside, and think about ecology. Try creating something special to motivate a blogger’s audience to read, watch or use your product.


It was interesting to find out that her Insta has around 240 followers, while TikTok is so popular. That just shows that not every blogger can be active and successful on each social network. So, here comes tip #7 – Choose an influencer who is active on one social network. For example, if you research ahead of time, you won’t be disappointed to see that there was a chance the influencer would unpack your box on a YouTube channel with 30,000 subscribers, but they did it on Reels and only got 300 views from their 1K followers.

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