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How to not mess up with influencer collaboration can help you choose influencers for further collaboration. We also offer a media plan for your advertising campaign with them. This is the first step towards your cooperation with bloggers.

How to not mess up with influencer collaboration

To avoid any misunderstandings, you need to think through all the details of the campaign and discuss any issues concerning you before making a contract.

We have prepared an influencer agreement checklist so you can see what to pay attention to when signing an influencer agreement.

The most important thing to remember is that a contract for advertising cooperation with influencers is a must-have. The most basic points that any influencer contract template include the name of the talent/maker, the name of an advertising campaign, dates of the advertising campaign (beginning and end), the total cost of a campaign, product distribution platform and parties ’contacts.

More detailed terms of the contract may include:

  • Appointment. In this section, the parties set out the contract’s subject and expectations and specify the audience to which the influencer campaign will be directed.
  • Term. Set the contract terms, how the parties withdraw from the contract, and the beginning and end of the advertising campaign. You should pay close attention to all these points.
  • Deliverables. Both parties must realize each other’s expectations from their cooperation. If we are talking about YouTube, we need to discuss the number of advertising messages, their place in videos, duration, how often they will appear on the channel, etc.
  • Cancellation. If something goes wrong, of course, both parties have the right to terminate cooperation. The most important thing is to indicate the time frame, how many days are required before termination of cooperation, and how the parties must inform each other. Think whether you want to separately prescribe penalties for the parties for early termination of the contract or not.
How to not mess up with influencer collaboration
  • Collateral Detail. If you are advertising a new bike or laptop, mention that a blogger gets it for free. Clearly note any expenses you did not agree to and are the other party’s responsibility.
  • Items to Avoid in Influencer Posts. One of the most important points is the so-called “stop words.” This means the phrases that a blogger can’t say or sayings that should not be associated with your product. You can also set time limits for cooperation with other brands. Typically, this restriction is three months, but it can be up to six.
  • Approval and Content Origination. The last word in an advertising campaign is always up to the advertiser. An influencer promotes a product but does not define a marketing campaign strategy. As a rule, influencer marketing is a part of a broader advertising campaign.
How to not mess up with influencer collaboration
  • Confidentiality and Exclusivity. If advertising cooperation involves the provision of exclusive data, the influencer confirms that they will not disseminate this information.
  • Compensation. Include the main amount of the payment and all kinds of bonuses you will come up with to pay the influencer for effective work.
  • Material disclosures and compliance with FTC Guidelines. The FTC has advised it does not believe the Instagram, Facebook or YouTube built-in disclosures to be sufficient.
  • Payment Terms. Here everything is clear.
  • Force Majeure. Here too.

Brand and influencer partners and joint campaigns are necessary for both parties. To avoid misunderstandings, carefully go through our checklist points.

The last tip: traditionally, the content is published on the influencer’s channel, but do not forget to discuss who will be the owner of the final product and who will own the copyrights for advertising.

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