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How to collaborate on YouTube?

If we're talking about advertising on social media, the main difference between YouTube and other platforms is that companies from almost all products or services are represented there.

How to collaborate on YouTube?

While Instagram and TikTok target a younger audience and, accordingly, work best for promoting clothing, fitness services, youth accessories, cosmetics and food, YouTube “sells” goods to more mature audiences. 

It means that this focus group is less emotional about shopping and much more solvent compared to young people. In general, all advertisers come to YouTube. Due to its popularity, the platform sparks interest in influencers and brands.

How can a brand make a collaboration using YouTube?

A brand’s main task is to find its audience. In this sense, influencers act like intermediaries who “sell” their audience’s attention to brands. How can a company find those people who will “sell” the exact group necessary for a particular advertising campaign?

Unlike TikTok, YouTube doesn’t have its own internal service that can solve this problem, so there are three options for a brand here. The first is expanding its own marketing department and hiring more specialists that will work with bloggers and influencer marketing. The second is to turn to professional agencies that search for influencers and help run advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, that can be pretty expensive.

Third option is to rely on technologies to automate your influencer marketing workflow. Hypetrain big data analytics algorithms make the hard work of picking the most relevant influencers from millions of profiles to match precisely your needs while you can enjoy the creative and fun side of the job.

Why do we think influencers' advertising integrations are more effective than just advertising on YouTube?

The answer is very simple. First, YouTube offers its own Premium Tariff plan, where users do not see advertising messages. Second, think about how many times you watch random ads to the end and how many times you click the Skip Ad button.

Unlike random advertising, which compulsively interrupts the video, a YouTube blogger carefully and slowly leads to commercial integrations. Many influencers fool around while promoting products, and this is much more effective than interrupting videos with random

How can a YouTuber collaborate with brands?

The most important advice we can give to YouTube bloggers is to know and learn the interests of their subscribers.

An audience constantly changes, even though the most devoted fans will always exist. A YouTuber needs to know who is watching them and what their main interests are.

For example, let’s focus on travel bloggers. At first glance, travel bloggers might seem like they are active people to whom it is easy to sell fitness products and services for booking airline tickets and hotels only.

But very often, the main audience is those who simply like to “travel” together with a blogger from one country to another while sitting on the couch.

In order to avoid unsuccessful promotional integrations, a YouTuber has to know the preferences of their viewers pretty well. Actually, it is necessary not only for advertisers but also for influencers to make more interesting content for the audience.

One of the best ways to get to know your followers is by using streaming, where people can communicate directly with influencers, and those, in turn, will get to know their fans better.

Who is still watching YouTube anyway?

As of 2021, there were an estimated 2.24 billion YouTube users worldwide. The platform’s user base comprised more men than women, with about 12 percent of YouTube’s total users being men between 25 and 34 and approximately nine percent being women between 35 and 44. At the beginning of 2022, India made up the largest YouTube audience by far, followed by the United States with 240 million users on the popular video platform. In the US, the streaming service is particularly popular with younger internet users who sometimes even access the platform several times a day to entertain themselves or follow up on the latest news.

Since it was founded, YouTube has come a long way from a storehouse of amateur content to a social media outlet with professional video content. The most popular YouTubers are showbusiness stars who earn millions.For example, MrBeast is currently building a separate house for his studio. He is the second on the list of the most popular YouTubers. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, occupies the first place. PewDiePie is a 32-year-old blogger known primarily for his “Let’s Play” videos and comedic formatted shows.

Sizing YouTube’s global viewership, it comes as no surprise that the popular video platform has become not only a springboard for influencers but also a powerful money-making tool for Google and its parent company Alphabet. In 2021, YouTube generated global advertising revenues of more than 28.84 billion US dollars and accounted for approximately 11.2 percent of Google’s total annual revenue. Looking to profit from the platform’s massive audience, companies and brands like LEGO, Vat19, or Coca-Cola have started uploading video content on their respective brand channels. YouTube and other social networks do not have a fixed advertising rate for influencers, although it’s considered that advertising integrations on YouTube are more expensive than on other platforms.

The reason is the fact we mentioned in the beginning – the universality of the service attract millions of the most solvent buyers from all over the world. Here at Hypetrain, we are ready to help you find your way to this audience.

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