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Hypetrain: making influencer marketing transparent

We at Hypetrain have been working in the influencer marketing field for over 3 years. Our mission is to make the influencer marketing game rules transparent and the results of advertising integrations predictable.

Hypetrain: making influencer marketing transparent

Since the influencer marketing industry is still quite new, there is no universal one-size-fits-all pricing rule. When we first started, we noticed that the integration costs were not transparent at all. Managers were trying to guess what price would be reasonable and fair for integration, relying on intuition rather than data. It was clear to us that this was not the way it should work!

Hypetrain: making influencer marketing transparent

We approached this issue with the nerd persistence and began to figure out how to fix it step by step.

Through endless tests, running real advertising campaigns and collecting feedback from industry leaders, we have designed the optimal formula for a transparent search and analytics process.

Hypetrain: making influencer marketing transparent

The main goal of our advanced search and analytics tool is to help any scale business to choose the most recommendable and effective influencers for cooperation. We want advertisers to understand what they will get from cooperation with bloggers and be able to easily predict how successful an advertising integration will be in advance – before it is published. To complete this, we show a recommended advertising price for the integration of a particular influencer and indirectly predict the ROI of a campaign through Cost-per-Action.

How does the Hypetrain Search and Analytics tool work?

We monitor the accounts of bloggers, cooperation with whom can be promising for completely different businesses. Algorithms created by our engineers analyze all videos and their performance for the last 90 days on more than 2.4 million YouTube channels. To ensure that you have the most accurate information when making a decision, AI carefully calculates the recommended price using our unique formula:

  • We collect the most recent views and interactions data;

  • We make cost adjustments for creator metrics as followers and views, taking into account the influencer’s audience size. For example, sometimes CPM can be much lower when you advertise with influencers with millions of followers and higher CPM when you advertise with microbloggers. We integrate this discount into our formula too;

  • We also take into account the amount of likes and Engagement Rate. That allows us to understand how active and loyal the audience is, because it affects the conversion rates;

  • We make calculations of cost per mile (CPM) adapting the cost to geography, demographics and the paying capacity of the influencer's audience;

  • And a bit of magic, besides everything mentioned above (we can't reveal all our secrets :) ).

Hypetrain: making influencer marketing transparent

In general, when determining the recommended price of cooperation with a particular influencer, we analyze more than 10 key factors that allow us to recommend an effective business decision.

Hypetrain’s data-driven suggested price puts you in a winning negotiating position because you already have the information you can rely on.

Want to test the Hypetrain Search and Analytics tool to supercharge your influencer discovery process before running the next campaign? Try it now for free!

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